Frequently Asked Questions


“What time does the tour begin, and about how long is an average tour?”

Tours begin with pick-up between 11:30 and noon, and last about 5-6 hours.

“How many wineries can we expect to visit and which ones?”

Normally time allows for visits to four. We are welcome at all of the wineries, and every tour is different. I am happy to take requests.

“We just got into town, can we join a tour today?”

Sometimes that can be arranged; however it is best to reserve your seats in advance.

“There are only two of us, can we join a tour?”

Yes, as long as there are others signed up I can tag you on with in order to meet my four person minimum.

“Are tasting fees included?”

The wine that is poured for the group  during the first two winery visits, as part of a winery tour, and during lunch, is included.  The last two winery visits are for do as you please wine tasting, therefore passengers are responsible to pay for what ever they may opt to sample.   The average tasting fee is $2-$4 per sample, and flights average $10-$20 (3-5 samples).  Most wineries also offer by the glass.   Many wineries offer my passengers an exclusive discount on wine tasting fee’s and/or on the sale of wine.